Which areas should you put your perfumes on for maximum performance? Read ahead to find out!


Which areas should you put your perfumes on for maximum performance? Perfumes and perfumed products, such as deodorants and colognes, are applied to a person's body for cosmetic or hygiene reasons. This can be done in distinct ways for different reasons.

Fragrances are used to provide an enjoyable scented experience, while perfume is used to create a specific mood or persona that you want to have.

There are different areas you can apply your perfumes at for them to last long. Kanvas provides a range of long-lasting premium scents, but if you use it to the right spots, you'll feel fresh and confident throughout the day.

Where To Apply Perfumes?

Whether you're opting for soft floral perfumes or citrusy solid scents, you need to look upon tips and hacks that can help you choose the best spots for perfume application.

Go beyond the essential pulse points and try out multiple techniques to smell fresh all day long.

Pulse Points

A pulse point is a place where blood vessels are close to the skin's surface and near a hair follicle. The perfumes will be absorbed into these body parts allowing for an intensified fragrance without reapplying as often.

Applying perfume on pulse points is the ideal way to enhance and prolong the scent of cologne. The pulse points allow the smell to travel directly from the skin into the nose, which is why they are typically used.


The neck is a safe place for perfume because it will generate a pleasant smell when you lean in for a hug. Spraying perfume at the base of your throat will ensure that the scent travels gracefully towards your face.


The wrists are also a good option because this area will continuously release a light fragrance throughout your day. The wrist's skin is thinner than the skin on other body parts, so it absorbs perfume more easily. It also provides an opportunity for people to smell the aroma as they rub their hands or wrists together.

Behind The Knee

We might want to apply perfume behind the knees for a couple of reasons. The knees are susceptible and will absorb more of the fragrance than other parts of the body. The other reason is that it will make your scent linger longer close to your partner after you've hugged them. They might even get whiffs throughout the day when they get up close to you or when they rub their face against your knee.

Behind The Ear

You can also spray it at the back of your ear, just under the hairline, if you want to have a light scent throughout the day.

In The Hair

People tend to spray perfumes in their hair to smell good from top to bottom. Apply the fragrance to your hair by spraying it on your hands and rubbing it in. If you don't want many scents, put the perfume on the top of your head or at the back of your neck.

Hair is considered an excellent place to apply perfume since perfumes should not be sprayed into clothes or furniture because they can damage the fabric or cause allergies due to over-spraying or lingering smells.

On The Chest

To apply perfumes to maximize their olfactory effect, it is recommended that perfumes be used in the appropriate areas of the body. The chest will allow for a more intense scent which will radiate throughout a room when a person walks in or out of it.

The scent on the chest will be a little more subtle, and the scent will last longer. This is because it has a higher concentration of sweat glands and heat from the body.

Places To Avoid Spraying Perfumes On

Perfume is a mixture of chemicals, many of which are toxic and can cause allergic reactions. As such, you should be aware of where you spray your perfume and avoid spraying it in certain areas.

Do not spray perfume on the skin in the following areas: Mouth, eyes, the ear canal. The skin around these areas is much more sensitive to scents than other parts of the body. If you have a rash or other skin condition sensitive to perfumes, remember that fragrances can aggravate it.


Spraying perfumes on your armpits can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. The pores in the underarms are more sensitive than other areas of the body and may absorb more of the allergen into the bloodstream quicker.

This is why applying perfumes, colognes, or fragrances directly to the armpits should be avoided.

Near Your Eyes

One of the most common mistakes people make is to spray perfume near their eyes. This is one of the places on your body that you should avoid applying perfume.

Some people are allergic to perfumes or have sensitive skin, and they might experience bad reactions if they are exposed to the fragrance. It can cause headaches or blurry vision, while for others, it can result in an asthma attack. It is not only the fragrance itself that causes this reaction but also other ingredients in perfumes such as alcohol or solvents.


Spraying perfumes around your genitals is not safe. Your private areas should be kept secure from chemicals or alcohols of all sorts as they can lead to burning, irritation, and itching.


Perfumes, like other products, don't last forever. That's why we need to know where to apply perfumes and how long they'll last. Perfumes are meant to be applied to the skin and should not be sprayed on clothing or furniture.

This article consists of a list of places where you can spray your perfume for better performance. Ensure you do not use excessive fragrances, especially around the eyes, under armpits, and around the genital areas to avoid irritation.

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